Saturday, 11 February 2012

Head for the Heels...

Turckish Sock A 0010Turckish Sock A 0011And look What I have been doing?  The is ithe first creation of Turkish Sock Month.  I am really very pleased with it.  (It is now finished, but as usual I'm about 3 days behind with my pictures!)  Never Mind, this is proper proof that I'm doing pretty well with them I think!  Th pattern is very easy and hasn't got upset when I started to fiddle with it.  Which I did, because.... Normally, when knitting socks like this, the heel and toe are knitted in one solid colour, leaving the other to one side.  Now, whilst this would probably make the knitters life easier, it does not make the wearers life less difficult.  The double yarn fabric is beautifully thick and cuddly keeping the wearer fabulously warm.  So why leave the heels and toes with a single yarn resulting in a thinner and therefore colder heel and toe?  So I knitted them both in alternating bars of colour with a 3 row change.  This hasn't upset the heel/toe working and has made it really easy to continue the heavy knitted fabric.  Result!
Turckish Sock A 0009

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snippa said...

Gorgeous knitting!