I think I have lost the plot...

IMAG0094-1aI've been a bit on the poorly side recently, hence lots of knitting and very little of much else.  Serves me right for eating something with Rape Seed Oil in it I suppose, but I didn't know, honest!  I worked it out afterward, but a bit late then granted.  Anyway, as a result I've been a bit on the dense side (no-one speak or utter a sound, I can say that but... ah, you get the idea). 

The upshot of the poorly-induced craziness was this no shawl on needles.  In my defence, the one I was going to knit next (Peacock Feathers Shawl ) required more yarn than I had in the yarn that I wanted to knit it in!  So, I have put it to one side and put the uber-fine Merino Fibre (-18 micron) next on my spinning pile. Sorted. 

But what to knit in the meanwhile?  I only have 2 items on my needles.  I'm beginning to get twitchy!  So.  Whilst tucked up in bed the other night I was reading Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Around (Fibre porn, my favourite!) I came accross her Pi Are Squared Shawl pattern...  I have the yarn I bought to make a dress with (before the whole dropping weight thing started).  A lightbulb moment ensued...    Well, I did need something to keep me going until I have spun sufficient yarn to knit the Peacock Feather.

And the photo?  I looked out of the window to discover these two sharing the view.  If you look carefully, you will notice that Matthew (the seated one) has his front paws on the lower patio, approx 18" from the top one, he sits like that a lot, fairly typical Borzoi actually.


Freyalyn said…
Nice photo of these two. The Pi R squared shawls are fun!
Yarnspider said…
Agreement on both fronts.