Socks and stuff

Sam' Goth Socks a3Well, that's the first pair of Turkish socks finished and already worn, I asked #1Son to try them on for pix, and haven't seen them since!  Suspect the will end up in the washing by the end of the week.  I shall block them then!

CJD Turkish Socks ACJD Turkish Socks AThe second pair for DH will be on the needles by this afternoon.  Different pattern, due to DH having a squizz through my Magnificent Mittens and Socks By Anna Zilboorg as I have said before the woman is a wonder and it is a great shame she publishes so rarely!  Her books are such gems.  So, patterns for socks were duly picked out and will be C/O after lunch.  I shall be using some of the yarn I chain plyed just after Christmas, the red Falklands is more a mix of oranges and yellows and suits the Christmas mix on the right.  I shall not however, be following her pattern slavishly, as I like to knit the sole and heel of a sock at the same time as the rest of it, and I really don't like knitting backwards, especially not whilst also knitting colour work!  Call me grouchy if you will.  I shall be the one with the finished sock sulking in the corner over the other one, so just don't care....

I've also been spinning a lot.  As I want the yarn for Aunties Commission to be around a heavy sock yarn weight, and I also want the colours to puddle (or what is the point in knitting anything out of domino squares?) I really do mean a lot of spinning.  I have finally managed to finish the Falklands and have now made a fair start on the BFL/Silk mix (pix will follow - promise!) which is spinning up far more quickly.  Will have to give that some thought for future projects. 

In addition, I have squared my shoulders and faced down the floor loom - and won!  I have I identified the problem (brain working effectively enough to ponder through problem at the moment)  I turns out that what looked like the same yarn weights, and felt like the same yarn weights when I made up my warp from the rug, weren't!  So the actual weaving is twisting.  I think I have managed to solve the problem by adjusting the tension on the side that is different (what else are metal coat hangers and coke bottles filled with water and suspended on string for?)  Before anyone giggles too much, the Coke bottles do actually make sense.  They are easy to fill, and because they are a measured commodity, it means that a 500ml bottle weight 1/2 a kilo, ergo I know how much weight I am blocking my yarn with without much fiddling - ta da!

Now, if can just block that finished shawl so I can wear it out Friday, my to-do list will look really efficient. (It isn't, I just fool myself).