Sunday, 29 April 2012

I promised colour...

- 18m Merino 032-18m Merino 036 And here it is!  Firstly, this is the -18micron Merino in the process of being transmogrified into lace yarn (nearly there, probably another hours spinning and I should be finished, and then the dreaded plying will start).

Wonderwool haul 6Wonderwool haul 1And then we come to Wonder wool Wales.  I was really good this year, I came home with very little. In a clockwise direction, beginning with the large cream lump at the top.  1Kilo of 4ply (just right for DH Sweater), 400gms of baby alpaca in the most glorious duck egg blue from John Arbon Textiles, a couple of packets of fabulous fluff from Freyalyn, and 2 pots of blending fluff from Amanda.  The purple pot is self explanatory, but the blue/green I really took a shine to and once I got it back to the workshop I realised why, the glass bowl on the left is my pride and joy and was bought directly from the guy who made it several years ago!  I could have bought so much more, but the whole point was not to, so that I could buy my new drum carder. I have decided on this course of action after a long chat with DH and an even longer look at the 60+ fleeces I have in the fleece loft. (That is the one over my workshop not the one over the house by the way...)

New Drum Carder 1 So this is my lovely new drum carder, shown here set up all ready for it's first outing next week.  Bought from Wingham Woolwork I am just so pleased with it.  It fits perfectly on the end of my work bench and can be left out, so it's convenient and easy to use.  YAY!

And now I'm home and feeling like a wrung out dish rag.  A fantastic day, but SO COLD!  I suspect it will take a while to recover but worth it to meet up with old friends and make new whilst being surrounded by colour and fibre.


Artis-Anne said...

Lovely haul you have there from Wonderwool I especially love that blue alpaca then I love all of Johns stuff . Didn't know Winghams now made their own drum carders ,do let us know how you get on with it. What size teeth did you go for?
Sadly I didn't make it there this year ,may make Woolfest instead

Yarnspider said...

I ended up with the 72 point, I considered getting the 102, but after trying some fine fibre out on the the day, came to the conclusion that the 72 will do just fine. Itching to try it, but have to wait for #1Son to fetch scoured fleece down from fleece loft....!

Freyalyn said...

72 point will handle fine fibre if carefully put through, but a 102 cloth won't handle the coarser. And yes, it was much, much colder on the Sunday. I'm still amazed our tent survived and we stayed dry and warm(ish) inside.