I've been busy...

Marcia 023Pacific North West Shawl 018
 Mum's Birthday Mitts 024
I really have.  I was struck in the last couple of weeks with the need to finish stuff, so I did!  the Pacific North West Shawl that has bee staring at me from the finished basket for weeks now (OK, months) was washed and blocked.  Mothers birthday mitts were knitted, and duly felted.  And Aunties hat for when when looses her hair (chemo) has also been knitted, washed and blocked.  I spent a little time patting myself on the back and then turned to the knitting projects that were left....  I'm on the saw tooth edging of the next shawl, I have been for several days now.  To be honest I really didn't realise I had been knitting on that many stitches.  It's a good way of using up left over Kauni tho and I shall be looking forward to lightly felting and blocking that one, pictures shall follow...)

And then there is the Shawl from scratch... 
IMAG013818m Merino 013
-18m Merino 036- 18m Merino 032I think it will be The Peacock Feathers shawl by Dorothy Seimens as I love her patterns and they really are an easy knit.  So far, it's gone like this... the Uber-fine Merino (-18microns) didn't take the dyes as well as I would have wanted, but it goes from this (in the trays), to this these bumps, to this fantastically coloured organised fluff. 
I always predraft my rovings, especially when the fibre is this fine.  This in turn is producing the most fantastic shades of cherry, lavender and amethyst.  I popped the accelerator head on the Majacraft Suzy and am spinning it at about 32:1.  It's coming out as a single about the weight of embroidery thread. I have very carefully split the rovings down the middle and am spinning one half at a time. So that I can then ply them back and keep most of the colour breaks and have a single hank that graduates from pink to purple.  Or that's the idea anyways.

Now, off to snug up with the radio coverage of the first day of the Masters as Sky damn them have nabbed the TV coverage and I refuse to pay extra to watch the damn tournament!  I'm aiming to finish my shrug and shawl in the next couple of days so that I can then settle down with Aunties (different Auntie!) shrug with no distractions!


Sigrid Stallard said…
Oooooh, lilac. I love lilac. Busy? You are not joking and your work is so fine. I am so proud of you. Seeing your perfect yarn I feel the need to learn to spin. I can't wait to see the lilac as a shawl. Lilac! xxx