I've gone and done it again!

I do like spinning. A Lot. Trouble it these days it would seem that I have forgotten that for every 2 bobbins spun, there has to be plying.... lots and lots of plying.

Well. The Purple Pair were the -18 micron Merino fluff I showed you a couple of months ago.  They were really fun to spin.  Really fine, ahem.  Since taking this photo I've actually started plying them  and before anyone yells, I have noticed the apparent discrepancy in the sizes.  I have plans if there is a shortfall...  Whatever is left will be wound into a self pull ball and spun back on itself...  It does work, promise.  Well I started plying the really fine stuff yesterday.  I stopped to come into the house and write this.  I suspect I shall still be at it some time next month!  But the rest in clockwise order are:  On the top is some of Freyalyns  BFL and Silk blend in Flora.  I bought it at Wonderwool Wales and it never made it to the to do pile I just went ahead and spun it.  Haven't decided yet whether to ply with plain BFL (which I shall spin for the purpose!) or chain ply.  Hmmn, will have to see once I get there.  On the front left is Amanda's de-haired yak in her Autumn recipe.  It has a touch of some plain de-haired yak I had knocking about to stretch it a bit, think I might chain ply it.  And finally hiding behind all else is a huge 200gm bobbin of BFL in Freyalyn's Boroduin recipe.  Left over from the last time I made up my mind to ply all.  Just goes to show how well that worked now doesn't it!