Oh My! It's been a month! Part 2

BFL CopperFirst a gratuitous yarn shot, just to start things off.  This is some BFL in Copper colourway from Freyalyn (she's at Woolfest at the moment together with all her yummy fibre.... )  I'm spinning it quite thickly as I want a fairly solid DK to go with similar weight Shropshire.  I am knitting me a sweater.  A bit Bohus (possibly), but of one thing I am absolutely sure.  It has to be squidgy and comforting, as the snuggy sweater I have lived in for the last decade or so is somewhat threadbare and no longer does the job!

Now, back to 'What I did in the last month'.  Now as I'm sure at least one of you will remember, I am the proud owner of a Lerclerc Colonial  v1 (usually a 4 shaft jack loom). And it is huge! Our relationship is a little on the traumatic side, but I suspect I'm beginning to win.  For a long while it stood neglected as I've been too poorly to really make much headway with it, but at the moment, I seem to be able to manage, so off we went.  Just cut off and waiting for fulling is approx 5 metres of rug warp and hand spun weft.  I know the hard way that once felted ahem, fulled it will produced a really lovely cuddly fabric ideal for the Siberian Parka I have promised DH.   I wanted to practise with a temple, and this seemed a good opportunity.  Well, I practised.  And have come the conclusion I really don't get on with them and will have to look at the other way of stopping the whole Draw In thing.

Which brings me to the next Loom Thing.  Over the years ,floating about my workshop has been a counterbalance conversion kit for the Colonial, but always after careful consideration and consultation with DH, we have come to the conclusion that there are pieces missing and have put them back safe Just In Case...  And then, last week, we found the bits!  So as I had just removed the last piece it seemed an idea time to swap the bits... So we did.  Not sure about the result though, as the shed isn't a good and the pedals are much heavier (which from me is a baaad thing).  But DH consoled me by pointing out that now he knows how it works we should be able to swap it all back with the warp on (a bit on the ambitious side I suspect, but hey!).  So, on top of all the other stuff I'm attempting to do at the moment, I am winding my new warp. And before you start.  Yes I am mad, but it works for me.

Now, as I decided that my selvage's are still a bit on the scruffy side, so thought a towel or two would give me plenty of practise.  So I am going to make a set of towels for us.  That would be 3 bath sheets, 2 hand towels and a shower mat!  Allow me to do the calculations for you (I've done them several times over the last couple of days).  That it 586 ends (I'm doubling the chenille with cotton for extra yummyness) and it will be over 10m long.  So according to #1Son that's  "are you mad woman?" long.

I also wanted stripes.  So am now winding 3 of 9....