I only ask you think.

I am pretty sad that I have to, but I think this is something that needs to be raised.  And before anyone says anything, this is no joke

As most of you who read my blog are aware, I'm disabled.  I have Brittle Asthma and Asthma induced COPD (Asthma induced Congestive Obstructive Pulminary Disease), and all the fall out which goes with these two together.  I don't make a big thing of it, as most of the time I try to ignore it.  But several things make this very difficult to do. 

The first is one you probably are aware of in several different forms. Your cold will be my bronchitus/pneumonia/pleurasy and before you scoff no.  I am not making a big fuss over nothing, I wish I was.  I have a severely comprimised immune system, I have been on prophylactic antibiotics for the last 14 months topped up with additional courses of antibiotics to deal with the tertiary infections I have picked up.  The secondary infection is perminant.  As an example. I caught a cold from the dog's visit to the vets a couple of weeks ago.   And I didn't accompany him!  I caught it from secondary contact.  Now there is not a lot I can do about this, but I do ask that people don't visit my home with an infection.  And I blame only those who reason that it's only a cold and I'm making a big fuss.  The big fuss I'm making can include paramedics and hospital visits....

The second thing is perfumes.  Smells.  Deoderant, hairspray, bodyspray, shampoo, conditioner, and perfume.  Please remember, if you can no longer smell your perfume/aftershave it is because your body has filtered the smell out not because it has worn off!

Imagine my discomfort then, when I opened a parcel that was an early birthday present to discover that it had been 'flavoured' with a heavy sent as part of the packaging.  What should have been a happy, fun moment turned into nebulizers and 'do we need to call the Ambulance hour?'.

All I ask is that you think.  Before you step out of your door with your cold, are you still contageous?  Do you really need to spray yet more perfume just because you are leaving the house?

The thoughtlessness of others has left me, unable to wander round a supermarket, let alone spend a day in an office or even consider holding down a job.  I really am not alone in this, there are others who are actually far more vulnerable than I.  But we are all stuck in the same boat, just because others insist that their cold isn't an important infection or that their scent has worn off.


Deb said…
I hear you! Perfumes, cigarette smoke and surprisingly, dry erase markers all cause problems.

Most of my coworkers are pretty good about the scents, but sometimes life gets interesting.

Hopefully, this will help people understand.
Yarnspider said…
I hope so Deb. I find it's the frighteningly healthy people who have the biggest problems understanding. A friend of mine is a marathon running and still after 5 years or so still gets bewildered at the whole concept!