Dawn 01 October 2012aThe sunlight spilling over the levels this morning was really magical, the mist just caught the light right and it looked as though we had flooding rather than fog.  I also loved the tones of colour.  Whilst we haven't seen many leaves turn yet it is still very Autumny (my word, and I like it!).

An odd weekend one way and another, #1Son moved up to St Johns, Oxford to begin his CompSci/Phil degree (that would be Computer Sciences with Philosophy to us lesser mortals). I am sure that he will visit even if only at Christmas for a day or two to claim presents!

On the other hand, my lungs decided to get in on the act and I spent an uncomfortable half hour as they made a pretty good attempt to stop working.  I tend to refer to my lungs in the third party because they sure as hell aren't on my side!  And that was to top off my back getting in on the act on Friday.  So a pretty odd weekend really.

IMAG0257Saw the McTimoney person today and hopefully I'm on the way back to functional. Haven't been to see her before, if all goes well I shall be singing her praises and name & number from the rafters, reserving judgement for now.  But both she and the Ambulance chaps on Saturday said I wasn't to do anything for the next few days so I'm not.  Apart from knit a bit of my sweater and new socks.

I was so pleased with the way #1Son's socks turned out with Freyalyn's yarn, that I've C/O another pair.... but this time from the toe up.  That way I won't waste a single cm.  I've knitted a particularly deep toe as mine are long and that way nothing rubs, and then I discovered a basket stitch Barbara Walker's 3rd Treasury.  So that is magically wending it's way up the top of the foot at the moment.  Don't ask me about the heel yet, I haven't got there, so I have no idea which heel I will be using...
Hannah's Pi shawl got frogged back a bit over the weekend, I dropped a couple of stitches and notice about 4 ridges on..... oops!  Oh well, it's coming on and isn't really far from the edging.  But not for the next couple of days, for a plain knit it takes more concentration than I would have liked, ah well.  Instead my sweater is coming on not that slowly, but again is quite slow in it's way.  But I've always got socks....

Dawn 1st October 2012