I haven't posted for a while...

IMAG0060Male Puppy 2c...for a small variety of reasons, pretty much all of them sliding into the category of life getting in the way. The major one being that Matthew (8 years), our one remaining Borzoi, died. He had lived with us all his life,  (being born in the kitchen)and will be sorely missed. The left hand picture shows him at 4 weeks, the right as the wopping handsome softy he grew into. (Skewz the red eye, couldn't work out how to get it fixed!)

I have been stuck with hospital appointments and Doctors and Flu Jabs (it's that time of year!) amongst other things.  Consequently I haven't been taking many photo's or blogging!

I even allowed Mothers yarn to leave the house without photographic evidence that I had not only spun it all to a really nice fine worsted weight yarn and dyed it in very fetching and contrasting lavender and aqua.  I really have lost the plot over the couple of weeks!
IMAG0311I have however, finished my cousins Pi are Square Shawl and am rather pleased with it, even thought I felt the lack of colour was rather bothering toward the end. To make matters worse, my sweater (which is coming along dandy thank you for asking) has reached the arms and is once again, white, well, cream, but rather boring.  

IMAG0314I suspect I may be forced to c/o something small, fairly quick and really bright pretty soon. Just as therapy.  These yarns on the right arrived the other day from Jamison and Smith and are sitting patiently waiting for the Peerie Floors matching mittens and hat. A lovely dose of colour, just what I need.


Joansie said…
Sorry for the loss of your beloved pet. That is always so difficult to deal with emotionally.

Great looking shawl!
Yarnspider said…
Thank you sweety, on both counts.