Some things just should not be done!

IMAG0333At the moment, I'm knitting/designing (or making it up as I go along possibly?) my sweater for this winter.  I know.  It's November, but the largest part is done, it's only the sleeves and the collar right?  Ahem.

Last night I ripped back the right sleeve for the 2nd time.  I've also ripped back the body once.  (So, you see if I had used a pattern, I would have been finished by now... but I didn't).

Making it up as I go along (or designing) my own sweater is actually lots of fun, and if I minded frogging, I probably wouldn't do it.  I keep telling myself this.  It helps. 

A strange side effect of knitting like this, is that I tend to get more absorbed in what I'm doing than usual and have several times recently over run the program that I have been watching/half listening to on the telly. Which is why I looked up last night to discover that I was "watching" a program on the history of American Burlesque!  It was rather interesting actually, I really didn't know Alan Alda had that sort of a childhood! 
The other thing I accidentally subjected myself to, was a Tescos advert.  Now.  I really have nothing to do with this store, could not recommend it to others, as I never shop there.  But this is the final straw!  Never ever in the history of mankind and advertising should Lionel Richie be associated, connected or anyway whatsoever linked to Furbies!  It goes past creepy!  See? This is just so wrong on far too many levels to really start on here.  Suffice to say, I have been shuddering periodically ever since.

IMAG0335I have been doing some growed up knitting as well (when I get bored with ripping back my sweater...), see?  This is the beginning of my Queen Bee Cardigan. No, you are right, it's not in creams and browns.  Not really my colours.  But I was wandering around the web one day and discovered that Bees also come in blue.  And green.  No, really, try Googling Blue Bees and see what you get!  I was inspired.  So I dyed the yarn to the appropriate colours and off I went! Seems to be going well as well.  I've got the tension right, but have discovered that as usual, everyone else has much longer arms than me. So there may not be as much honey comb as others may need to get from their wrists to the top of their arms!  It's really good fun though, but I'm really not in a rush, so this one may be about for some time.

Off to wind a warp, back soon.


thelma said…
£54 for that Furbie - outrageous, tv and knitting sort of go together but like you have been struggling (with pattern) over a shawl cardigan. Just hoping when it is sewn together it might look something the picture!
Joansie said…
Gorgeous, gorgeous sweater and I love the colors.