Round up.

I thought I would just take stock of what I am currently working on.  Before I forget, again.

IMAG0401When I looked round I was a bit surprised as I haven't really got that much on my knitting needles at the moment, but here we go.  This, on the right, is a Clock waistcoat from a pattern by Cheryl Oberon.  I'm knitting it some truly spiffy John Arbon Baby Alpaca/organic merino mix.  A little goes a really long way - I've only just started the second hank, and it feels wonderful to knit.  I've really got the hang of knitted waistcoats this year, less bulky and all in the name of layering up!  Although I suspect this is going to be a little too posh for everyday wear.   It is however a more green duck egg blue but the light would not co-operate! 

IMAG0402And the other item on my needles is still my Queen Bee Jacket.  This is growing.  Slowly, but it is growing!  I don't mind projects like this taking time as it gives me time to consider whether I want to keep with the original pattern or change the collar line.  I suspect I shall change the collar line, as the original, lovely as it is, really won't suit my body shape!

IMAG0383Now, there really is nothing else on my needles at the moment, but this isn't a state that will last for long as I have been threatening the whole Triple Heirloom Shawl event!  Well I have begun!  No, really, I have, here, look!  Not a great photo granted, but these are the first of I suspect many hand carded rolags.  I'm using the best bits of a Texel x Shetland fleece I have (and they really are very good best bits!).  Once I have sufficient for 300grams or so of finished yarn I shall move on to some really fine spinning.  In the meanwhile I thought I would C/O some machine spun lace weight and start working out the pattern (yep, you heard right, I'm embarking on this whole crazy escapade with no set pattern in mind....... mwhahaha!)

IMAG0391I also thought that as it was Christmas I would take a holiday.  So I wandered off to my workshop yesterday and started mixing and playing for the yarn I want to spin for the dress pattern I have bought (yep, you heard, I have bought a pattern!).  In my defence, I shall be knitting it in hand spun..... It's called Kiloran by Cirilia Rose.  So, here we are!  I mixed the following: Black and white alpaca and then added some greens and pinks/purples from a couple of Amanda Hannaford's  like so.  But.  I don't actually like crazy colours to be this obvious, so each pile was divided in half and popped through the froody drum carder so that they then looked like this. 
Once I have spun it (fairly fine and then chain plyed to retain the colour changes)  I should have a nice DK with puddles of differing shades of greens and purples.  Well.  That's the idea anyway!  So that would be 2 down 18 more to go over Christmas....  hee hee! 

I am also weaving my cloth.  Still.  I forgot to take into account how asthma attacks (the really biggies) knock me on my arse and so have spent the week puzzled as to why I'm not getting as far as I thought I should have!  (doh!)  I suspect I shall have to take myself outside and give myself a good talking to again soon!  Ah well.  In the same vein my sewing has slipped.  A lot.  Rather a lot actually.  But that really is on my priority list after Christmas so I shall save it all for another time... 

So.  This is where I seem to be at the moment, some aspects are better than I thought they would be, others not so.  I think I shall call it pretty much evens moving into the New Year.


thelma said…
Hi, just been admiring your colours, just love the bee pattern, sleeve is it? and that pink dress is very pretty.
Sarah Dewfall said…
Thank you. Yes, it's the Sleeve (oops!). I dyed the colours myself.