A New Year, A New Project

A New Year & New technology.  This entry has been composed on my new Kindle, so please bear with me through the glitches.  Thank you.

With Christmas & New Year celebrations over, and life settling back to what passes as normal around here, I managing to finally get back on track.
Whilst with the weather (already promising gloom and doom from now until April) has almost managed to persuade me that retiring to bed with snacks & knitting supplies as the only sane thing to do, I haven't given in. Almost, but not quite.

I have been spinning rather a lot actually, as there is this snug spot next to the storage heater in the kitchen, with lots of light.  So the backlog of fibre that had suddenly turned up toward the end of the year is shrinking...  I have also finished my alpaca waistcoat. No pictures yet - I have finished knitting it, but haven't blocked it.  Which has left me with only my Queen Bee on my needles.  Very odd.  Only one item on my needles. Hmmmm. A most uncomfortable feeling.  Oh well it didn´t last last long.  I have finally turned to my project for the year.  Shawls.  

It's like this,  last year  I challenged myself to spinning and knitting 3 Shetland shawls made from 3 different fleeces. So. As I had begun carding the first fleece (Shetland x Texel) I felt it was about time to start designing the pattern.  I'm useless at mapping a pattern before I begin, no, really terrible! After a frustrating evening or two, I came to the conclusion that the easiest way for me (I'm not saying it would be the most sensible mind) would be to knit it. Yep. I shall be knitting  a 4th shawl.  This one is in manufactured yarn, which is easier to frog when I don't like it.  So this is what I have done.  So far it seems like a good idea.

I also spent last evening winding and organizing balls of sock yarn.  So that I can snuggle in and knit socks, both Turkish and Ordinary.  Maybe the weather has got to me after all.