I am in love!

IMAG0562It' like this, I was half way through a kind of swap so that I could generate sufficient funds to get myself a truly spiffy kick spindle to travel with when I walked into Guild the other weekend and saw this.....

This girls and boys is a 28" (yes, that's right twenty eight inches) Saxony wheel.  Now. I have been on the look out for a 28" flat bed Scandinavian Wheel for some time now to long draw with, so whilst I know that this isn't a flat bed....hey, you get the idea.  And it is lovely.  So lovely in fact that for the first time since I have started owning wheels (this is my 6th in 10 or so years), I have named a wheel.  This is Bailey-Scott after my all time favourite Arts and Crafts architect.  There really is a very Arts and Crafts feel to this wheel and it really is living up to all it's glorious promise.  So once I have spun a couple of hundred grams on it, I shall start long drawing for the next shawl.  Excellent!
Freya's fabric - unfulled 7
Oh and this has been cut from my loom and posted off to it's new home.  I think there was a generous 3m or so, which was my aim, so I shall dislocate my shoulder patting myself on the back pretty soon.

This means I am on to the next bit of weaving (I am doing just so well at the moment, not to worry, something will bring me to a halt pretty soon I'm sure...).  I have warped on 4m of cotton thread for a 3m table runner.  First thing I have now learnt in my adventures in weaving land is that I really do hate cotton thread (unless mercerised) and as such will be sticking to wool or silk after this for the foreseeable.  The second and more important thing I have learnt is that I love overshot weaving and will be looking into ways on incorporating more of it for the next piece that finds itself on my loom.  Worry not, pictures will be forthcoming....

In the meantime, I'm off to knit a sock.


Mel K said…
Oooh that's a gorgeous wheel, I can see why you fell in love.