Wonderwool this year was splendid. Whilst I failed miserably in meeting up with people I did manage some shopping.
We took my friend Anita with us.  It was her first Wonderwool and it was nice to see it through her eyes.  She brought her daughter Milly who enjoyed it.  I think (I'm not practised in the art of guessing what teenage girls think), but again it was another pair of hands...
We split up when we arrived, to ensure thorough coverage of the site, and between us I don't think we left a hank of yarn unfondled.  After meeting up for lunch, the Scotch Eggs were splendid as always, we had another wander together to mop up anything we had missed.  On consideration, a successful day.
Sadly, I left some fibre at Freyalyns, so I shall have to collect it at Woolfest.  But maybe I will be able to buy a little more to go with it by then....
In the meantime I shall have to make do with  the small pile of fluff I brought home. (This is what happens when DH offers to take bits and pieces back to the car).  Clockwise from the top, some splendid fluff from Amanda Hannaford yak and silk on the left and BFL and silk on the right. Then, from Chris Brennan at Riverside,  2 and a bit kilos of DK,  3 kilos of 4ply (on a huge cone, hidden at the back) and 2.5 kilos of a worsted mohair/wool mix (I've had this before, it's fantastic stuff).  I also bought a knitted dress pattern from Purl Alpaca Designs which I have been after for a while, although I suspect initially it won't be knitted kn alpaca, but you never know.  DH also brought home several pairs of socks from John Arbon (aparently they come second only to my hand knit, which is a huge complement).  They aren't in the pile, as DH is already wearing them.

The 2 kilos of the Mohair worsted are already in soak ready to be dyed later today for a Viking Tunic for DH.