Crickey! a whole Month.... Queen Bee First.

IMAG0599Sorry about that.  My lungs have gone brittle again (something to do with the vast number of Rape Weed Fields about I suspect) and as a result my ability to do levels have been oscillating rather a lot!  So I shall have to show you what I have been doing when I can! (Oh you know what I mean!)

So Queen Bee is first blog!  I managed to finish this to wear to Wonderwool Wales and I am so glad I did.  It is just so warm and comfy.

First, what I like about it.  It was a fabulous pattern, and it knitted up like a dream. All congrats to Mary Scott Huff   I had to change the neckline as I really am not built for low V fronts on cardigan.  Also I added a higher collar, to stop drafts (pretty essential in this part of the world as there is a permanent on hill breeze).
Second, What I didn't like about it.  Well, my fault, NOT the pattern, (I should have learnt by now) whilst the arms, (knitted together, steeked into a tube) fitted very well when knitted, I forgot the drop shoulders caused by the boxy shape.  So that now the sleeves are about 3 inches too long.  If pulled right down they come to the end of my fingers.  Also because of the the  shape I become a bit of a blob (more than usual).

What would I do different if I knitted it again?  Well, I would probably ignore the instructions and just use the design, fitting it around a shaped waist and knit the sleeves off from the shoulders rather than knitting independently and attaching later.

All in all though, I really am quite pleased with it.