Update 4: Spinning and Weaving Round-Up


Big Loom;
IMAG0584 Not a lot has changed here, I'm still plugging away, due to the weak and feeble state I'm finding myself in, I haven't been able to attack this with the vim and vigour I had hoped, so I find myself pretty behind. (Although I still am not sure why anyone needs a table quite this long, but hey!)

Rigid Heddle:
IMAG0656I have popped a new warp on this one, not for anything in particular other than I really liked the yarns and needed a shot of purple. 
So, it's a hand spun warp of TexelxShetland from Andy Wear mixed with one of Amanda Hannafords mixing pots.  I intend to used some hand dyed, hand spun baby camel and silk as the weft (dyed by Freyalyn and spun by me).

IMAG0651I haven't been spinning on Suzy much recently and then a couple of weeks ago I was going through my stash and discovered some lovely squidgy superwash merino from Freya that I put away safe....  So, I have stripped it, and predrafted it into some yummy colour repeats and this is how far I have got!