Update 3, Worratahs and Ochre

This year, we are going on holiday!  No, really, we are.  And being us it will be Cumbria and timed to visit Woolfest (ahem).

Worratas and OchreBut enough of that!  It was DH's 50th birthday this year and I promised that I would knit him 2 sweaters (I know!). 

So, the first is based on the Viking Tunic by Sandra Manson.  Now, as DH is bigger than the average bear (or the pattern sizing for that matter) some adjustments have had to be made.  Thanks to #1Son, (genius of the first order) I have been able to do this and I cast on. 
I have used 2 kilos of a worsted mohair/wool mix from Chris Brennan at Riverside.  I have doubled it to get the right weight, but it is working really well. I've finished the body and am now on to the back (which has slowed up a bit as I don't knit as fast in the flat as in the round).

IMAG0620I kettle dyed it using Landscape dyes and to obtain the colour and texture I wanted, I split the yarn in two and dyed one batch as Worra Tah (top) and the other as Ochre (bottom of picture).
I then wound it into centre pull balls and cast on using one of each colour. I also made sure that the balls aren't the same size so the joins are in different places.

I Really am pleased with the fabric it has produced the textures produced by the 2 colours is lovely and bang on with the tension too.

Worratas and Ochre 2