Update 5: Spinning and Weaving Round up continued


IMAG0653And this is why I haven't been as busy as usual with my Suzy!  First there is the Shetland rovings that I found in my stash.  Now, DH has bee complaining for a while that he doesn't have a scarf, I thought I would treat him. I happened to have a Jamison and Smith sample pack with all the colours of natural rovings that they do.  There was 25gms of each which was just enough for what I had in mind.  I split each colour into to 2 and then spun them in order from white to black.  I then plied the 2 bobbins together to get a warp that will now shade from white on one wide to black on the other this is them waiting to be skeined off to be washed and blocked. 

IMAG0659I've then started on the weft, which is spun in Amanda Hannaford's Yak and Silk in her Plum Colourway. It is spinning like a dream and will be plyed onto itself to keep the colour changes and produce a yarn of a similar weight to the Shetland.  Once finished it will be just right for a snuggle scarf for DH.

UntitledAnd that's me up to date for a bit.  Apart from the top secret project that will be posted here once it's no longer secret....  In the mean while I shall give you just a taste....