Penguins and Guillemots

UntitledWell I'm back!  I survived the travelling and had a thoroughly enjoyable holiday. And with a couple of notable exceptions, my lungs didn't even try too hard to kill me, and with views like this it really was worth the effort.   
The Colours and textures in landscape were really inspiring, and hopefully they should start turning up in my own dyed work fairly soon.

(The picture is looking out across the estuary from Haverigg toward Barrow in Furness, Cumbria.)

Whilst we were there, I looked out of the window and assumed that I had totally lost the plot, for it looked for all the world, as if a penguin had just flown past.  It hadn't, it was a Guillemot, but for a moment there, I really wasn't sure. But it did get me a-thinking, is how you perceive yourself how others perceive you or in fact how you actually are.
UntitledFor example, I perceive myself as young, skinny, energetic and able to rustle up a knitted sweater in a week (for my darling 52" chested Husband of course).  Others on the other hand, possibly perceive me as fairly small, mildly plump, approaching middle age, wheezy and, whilst talented, about as able to meet a deadline as a penguin is to fly.  The truth I would like to think lies somewhere in the middle.  (The Sweater by the way was only 2 weeks later than the last deadline I had set myself.)

In an effort to rectify the whole deadline issue, I have come up with a cunning plan.  One that should leave me struggling less and enjoying more of what I do.  (I'm loving it already).  It is probably still overambitious, but....  I thought I would start things earlier and leave myself more time to do them in.....  DH has been trying to get me to do this for years (OK, for as long as I can remember), but maybe, just maybe it might work.

So.  I have been kind to myself, and given myself loads of time to finish the task that HAS to be completed by 1 Sept.  HAS to be.  Did I mention I'm just casting on #1Sons socks with the sock yarn I bought from Freyalyn at Woolfest......