And this is why I'm not allowed out on my own....


As you can see my drum carder is now driven by knicker elastic.

This is because yesterday I so obviously (NOW!), was still getting over the journey home and should have been sitting in front of mindless telly.  Instead I decided that a little carding would be a good idea.  Hm.  I then popped on my drive band and came to the stunning conclusion that there was some mistake and it had obvious stretched.  After all what other reason would there be for it to approximately 2" too big?  So I took the obvious action that this required, and took a craft knife (sharp stuff as well, I know) and promptly cut the offending 2" inches out of my drive band. 

I then gassed myself whilst gluing the 2 ends back together and decided to treat myself to lunch.  Not that I was very hungry because of the heat.  So.  After lunch, I attempted to put my drive band back on.
Oddly, it didn't fit. And finally, I realised that the 2" section I had so carefully removed at risk to life and lung, fitted over the 3rd cog thingy (you know, the one that that very morning I had been convinced was spare).
So as an emergency measure, I manage to make use of the knicker elastic that I found in my notions box.  And then I considered only really grown up thing to do was to order a new drive band. 
From Winghams, who I bought the splendid item from in the first place.  I spent quite a long time and quite a lot of my not considerable mental and physical resources sifting through their website looking for their spares page.  In the end I rang them. 

The nice chap on the other end of the phone then took pains to explain that they don't keep things like this on their website as apparently people bought them and used them to construct their own version.  I explained that I wasn't capable of constructing my own version, hell, my family were beginning to pose the question of whether I was actually safe with the version that Winghams had been kind enough to sell me.  The nice man kept waiting for me to own up to being one of those dastardly individuals, rather than a fraught crazy woman whose carder was as this moment running on knicker elastic.  I'm not sure he believed that either (see above picture Mr Wingham Man, tis true). But eventually, he caved first and took my card details, hopefully he has actually posted the damned thing and it should arrive very soon.....

In the meanwhile, I'm not allowed out on my own until I've had a little more rest.