As it is a Blue Moon

I thought it might be a good time to post....

I have been avoiding the Internet as much as is possible in this day and age for a time, just so that I can get some stuff finished. 

Oddly it worked.  Who knew.  The Semi-Secret project I was working on has all been blocked and sent off, #1Sons socks are nearly finished.  Well, they were finished, but I didn't like the cuffs so am in the process of unpicking the cuffs - which is far more fiddly than it has any right to be.

The table runner is now off the loom and being hemmed and tasselled then that will be posted. and my spinning is coming along well.  Amanda's BFL/Silk has been finished (plied with some yummy uber fine merino/mohair I came across) so one that has been blocked I can start my Winter shawl.  I have also spun enough BFL/Corriedale for a cardi.  My Shrug in Freya's Colours is nearly finished and I'm having fun with my Mittens.

Oh, and the picture I took last night, together with all the colours. In all everything is pretty darned splendid.  But Shh, or it won't last.....