Autumn already.

Autumn has arrived overnight here (2 days after I took this photo actually).  I would be lying if I said I liked the seasons doing this, I prefer the slow easing approach with plenty of warning and time to prepare, if only mentally.  This year, I blinked and it was here.  I think I'm still in shock!
What it has done is make me consider what Autumn means to me.  I feel this, more than Christmas, is the end of my year.  Life begins to wind down and I take stock of what I have achieved (or not) and plan my goals and projects for the next year.
This is also the time we spend time with family & friends.  And this year saw my brother marry my delightful (now, finally) Sister in Law. Freya and Mark are staying so it really is a time for friends and lots of really good food. Add to this a full moon on Freya's birthday and the Autumn Equinox this weekend, and  it is promising to be an interesting week.


We can but hope for the best! (And it's really weird posting a comment on your blog when I'm in an adjacent bedroom)