Accidental Secrets.

 I seem to have kept this quiet quite by accident.  A couple of months ago I felt it was about time I started to make use of my rigid heddle loom.  I imposed only 2 criteria, I had to use only hand spun, and  the the finished wrap had to be for me.  And here we are.  The yarns are all mixed fibres and include wool, silk, alpaca and even baby camel.  Once I had finished weaving, I cut the warp off the back beam, slid the heddle from the weaving and re tied the warp to the back beam.  I then used the rigid heddle as an embroidery frame for all the free work.  I then removed it, knotted the fringe and washed it (yes, through the washing machine, on a wool wash with DH socks).  After which it was pressed with a hot iron and the fringe trimmed level. Not sure what happened with the pictures, the actual colours are far more vibrant.

And this is the first of my Winter Wardrobe. I drafted the pattern myself from a couple of patterns I had already tried. The hem will be finished tomorrow.  As this will be worn either on it's  own, with a long sleeved tee or over a long sleeved tee and under a more colourful short dress (I really do get that cold). I needed it to be about ankle length. The short sleeves are flattering to those of us with bingo wings and also stop bunching about the shoulders when adding  extra layers on top (or below). I prefer a lower neckline as that way I don't feel choked. Also, with layers below and above it's not comfortable if they all finish in the same place.  The pockets are pretty darned essential. I really am beginning to despair of modern clothes manufacturers. Do they not appreciate we women also need somewhere to pop mobile phones, dodgy tissues, inhalers, cough sweets and that peg that has ended up in the chest of drawers rather than the peg basket, that we come across in the course of our wanderings?

I have the shorter dress already cut out and will be making that one up tomorrow (today really is my day off you know).  Then I shall be cutting out another of each. I really shan't know myself.  But more importantly, none of it will be about my waist as we have discovered that I really shouldn't be wearing anything like that due to my oesophagitus etc.


All looking utterly fabulous. Well done, sweetie!
lazykate said…
What an amazing scarf, I love the embroidery against the background.