Hibernation has begun

 The weather has become wetter and (finally) Autumn is setting in.  As a result I have felt the need to create rather than share.  I really have gone off the Internet to be honest and what with the cold I have managed to acquire, have become quite anti social. When I finally got around to chatting to a friend of mine the other day, she accused me of hibernating.  And I really think she might be right.

So.  I can do nothing about the weather, or the time of year, but I can make more of an effort to share what I have been up to.  So I shall.
I have been spinning (always soothing) and knitting (satisfying).  And weaving (need to do more, my winter addiction I suspect).

With the spinning the yarn above came off my wheel a project ago.  It is Indie Dyed merino, and to my frustration I have mislaid the label, so going back for more is not an option.  There is however sufficient for a really froody pair of socks.  I spun it so that each sock should get similar colour changes. The yarn that has just left the bobbin is a kilo of John Arbon's Blue Faced Exmoor.  It was a doddle to spin, a little Kemp, but it was last year's and it is a new cross, so I would expect that to be sorted by now. It will I hope make a good DH sweater eventually.  Looking forward to popping it in a dye pot in the next couple of weeks to see the outcome.

The little bog jacket is for my first and only niece who made her appearance on Remembrance Sunday (her big brother got a pair of socks I knitted in plain yarn & we dyed them together, I try to be impartial).  My dress has (for the above reasons) been put on hold for a week or two.  Which is a shame as we are on our third week without a washing machine and it would have been handy about now.

The weaving will be in the next post... there will be one...


Jacqui Galloway said…
Love the colours of the wool and the little jacket is so cute.