Odds and ends

Sorry for posting late, but have been on the receiving end of a really grotty Sinus infection, thanks to yet more Antibiotics and some truly scarey bronchial pastilles, my mind has returned and with it the ability to type.

For reasons which are not really mine to share, life here has been far more fraught than usual.  So about 2 weeks ago we had a family conference and after careful consideration, we cancelled Christmas.

Now, before you all start yelling in horror.  Christmas isn't a particularly big thing in our house anyway, so, it's not quite as radical as it first appears.  Smalls will still get pressies, because at the end of the day, Christmas in most households is for them, far more that it is for adults.  And the Adults should be grown up enough to understand.

IMAG0366Initially I felt really quite left out of the whole Christmas rush thing.  Then it hit me, I don't have to break my neck to ensure that everyone gets socks/mittens etc. I am watching all my friends slowly disappear into the frantic miasma that is making for Christmas, and I don't have to!  (And before anyone points it out, we are not expecting Christmas pressies either).  As a consequence, I have been plodding along as usual. 
The scarf is for DH, as I had promised that this year he would have a scarf long enough to fold in half and then loop through (DH is not small and finding a 7'+ scarf is a challenge).  So that is finally finished - yay! And as a consequence my Rigid Heddle is empty for the first time in ages.  But as I'm playing with the big loom at the moment, it is likely to stay that way for a while yet.

IMAG0281 I have however finally finished my knee socks.  Just in time for the foul weather.  They would have been finished before, but I have somewhat podgy knees.  (Pictures will follow!) As a filler between big projects I have cast on a pair of socks for Shortest Nephew.  Whilst we were visiting recently (and dying the last pair of socks I had knitted him), he espied the yarn I was knitting the knee socks from. (Volcano Sock yarn from Freyalyn).  At which point I was very shyly asked if I would knit him a pair in it, and as I have lots left over.....

IMAG0288Which brings me to the next largish project.  I spun this BFL and Corriedale earlier in the year and fell in love with a pattern on Ravelry which seemed ideal, a crossover cropped cardigan with long sleeves and a shawl collar.  Which would go beautifully with all the Empire Line Dresses I seem to be making at the moment.  Sadly, the pattern is no longer available.  There have been sulky clouds over the workshop for the last couple of days. And then it hit me, at about 2.00am this morning actually, all I really need is a top down raglan cardi with a shawl collar.  So I sat down this morning with all my Zimmermann books and did some mental fiddling.  I think I may have cracked it.  So, later I shall wind my balls and then C/O.  With no pattern, but several pages of notes in my notebook.  If it works I may well share.

IMAG0342Finally, I have finished my dress, and yes, I know this isn't a picture of it finished.  but as it's waiting patiently, along with several other things for some wool-wash so I can chuck it in the washing machine.  This is the latest picture I have of it.  I'm really very pleased with and may well C/O some thing similar-ish based upon the the Shetland Spencer dress of the late '60s/ early 70's.  Once I have spun the yarn.  We shall see.

Off to wind balls of yarn in front of As You Like It (2009 recorded live from the Globe, have to love Sky Arts), with a cup of coffee and a couple of crumpets to keep my strength up. I may even turn the cutest heels ever in the breaks.


That dress looks fantastic, sweetie - I hope you are really proud. You should be!