Ground to a halt.

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Well, the gusts of wind and continuous storms have finally got me.  I have totally ground to a halt. My lungs whilst nice and clear, (for a change!), really don't cope very well with continuous changes in barometric pressure and gusting winds. 
So I get to do a lot of knitting.  Maybe a little spinning.  And I get to watch a lot of television, listen to a lot of audio books, and whole series of radio programmes, blessed be the BBC!
So.  The upshot of this is that whilst I am not ignoring you all, I really haven't the energy to say much more.
will catch up soon.  Round about when it stops raining for more than 6 hours in a stretch.


Jacqui Galloway said…
Audio books are a great way of passing the time whislt waiting fo fair weather. Jacqui