Compare and Contrast

View from Bedroom 8.00am  01 November 2008 008
IMAG0485Sadly, these are pretty much the same view! The first being from our bedroom window in November 2009, and the second being last week.  Both are from Bawdrip on the Polden Hills, across the levels to Berrow Mump, and both show Westonzoyland Church Spire.  The one of the Flooding was far harder to take due to the light reflecting off the water.

Until we had a morning of sunshine a few days ago, I really didn't realise quite how gloomy it had got! And how quickly we had all acclimatised to low light levels.
 My thoughts go out to our neighbours just miles away, and to all the livestock and wildlife that is struggling in the mire.
This terrible weather shows no signs of abating and there are rumours that it may persist well into March.

If this is the case, the family joke that we only have to wait and thanks to Global Warming we shall have waterfront property may just become a very unwelcome reality.