And so it begins...


I'd just like to say, before I get drawn into this project, I love these colours, I really do, (Haifoss on grey Shetland/silk by Freyalyn) which is just as well as I suspect I may be seeing rather a lot of them.  But for now, this is the beginning of my Shetland Spencer Dress.  2 things had stopped me knitting it before.  One was I can't find a pattern and the other, I didn't have the yarn.  Well, I'm beginning to remedy the lack of yarn, and hopefully whilst I'm spinning it, I shall map out the beginnings of a pattern in my head.

IMAG0558 Also, this week the current Shawl of Doom has been laid to rest. This is just a snippet, the entire thing will hopefully be modelled by the recipient and I shall get gorgeous pics, but in the meanwhile, here we are.  I enjoyed the pattern, but it just ate yarn, something to be aware of if I every feel the need to knit it again.

This last couple of days have been finishing days.  I also plied a couple of hanks of yarn.

IMAG0548IMAG0549This is the first, a little silk and merino mix from Wingham - now officially entitled Squashed Frog (for nephew sweater). I plyed it with the never ending bump of squishy yumminess that Freyalyn gave me last Autumn (Polworth x Corriedale shearlings and Polworth blended together - really fun to spin).
and the other is the alpaca that I blended with some of Amanda Hannaford's mixing pots.  It's turned out a really squidgy light DK.  And at the moment I'm just enjoying it.  Both will need to be washed and blocked soon, but for now, they will just hang on the wall of the workshop egging me on.