Beautiful Day


It was a fantastic day today and the flooding had final gone down far sufficiently that the A361 was open!  This meant the journey to Guild was far more fun, if a little slower.

IMAG0525There was still a sight more flooding than healthy, and the smell was interesting (low key, sewerage meets silage), but the colours were fantastic and the light was amazing!  With any luck, the weather will hold and help with the evaporation of the flooding - there really was a brisk wind. 

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I am able to exercise a modicum of restraint when faced with a room full of fibre.  The Guild were hosting a Wingham Woolwork tasting day. Now.  I was really good, I ignored most of the temptation, reminded myself I am off to Wonderwool Wales in a month or so, and to remember the fleece loft!  As a result, I came home with 2 little bags of fluff to spin for Niece and Nephew, and a couple of generous pinches of Angelina, just right to blend in with the next fleece to come down from the loft!



Jacqui Galloway said…
Love Wingham Woolworks.