I went stash diving and....

Blue Shetland (4)It was like this.  I've been feeling the need to cast on a new project or 6 for the last couple of days.  You see, I've got my shawl habit down to a couple of rows a day and can finally see the end - hooray!  I haven't got socks on the needles at the moment, I keep looking at the sock yarn stash and thinking meh, humph!

Blue ShetlandThe yarn for DH's next sweater is waiting for the dye pot, which is pretty much beyond me at the moment, although I did get an inspiration this morning, and will probably follow it though in a week or two when the weather improves.  

IMAG0505However, I really want to knit a Spencer Dress, but haven't the yarn (appropriate yarn, before you start yelling). So, I went wandering further afield into my fleece stash.  It's, ok, I made it out without search and rescue, but it was close. I know I said I wanted to make this year Alpaca Year (just to get the vast quantities under control) I do have alpaca on the house wheel at the moment, so I wasn't moving far off target. 

IMAG0513I did find a couple of hundred grams of Freyalyn's Halfoss dyeway on grey Shetland and silk rovings together with one of Olive Twists Silk bricks. Not enough on their own, but.  I also found the most fabulous Grey Shetland fleece I bought from Any Wier of Fernhill Farm in 2012.  And it was all scoured and just desperate to be spun.  So I did the only decent thing. I started to process it.
IMAG0515I divided the fleece into 2 pieces, the darker, slightly less fine part is being combed and will be spun worsted and plyed marl with Freya's Halfoss.  The lighter, finer half I popped through the triple picker and am in the process of carding into batts, blending some of the Oliver Twist silk as I go. This will then be spun woollen for the bodice so it's snuggy.

Whilst all this is really fun and will yield a yummy dress, I'm still left with a problem.  What can I knit right now....!