As usual, I am behind.


About a month behind actually.  But it is really ok, no, it is... Because I forgiven myself.  So there.  This in turn makes me a nicer, less stressed, person.  No, really, it does.

20140419_182316I can however, show off.  This is the Shawl of Doom, and it looks well spiffy!  I am really quite proud of the way it turned out. And it matched a dress I had not seen (a major achievement). The bride seemed to like it and that at the end of the day is the most important thing of all!   But that's not where I'm behind. 

IMAG0597And now I will own up, I got withdrawals, I cast on another shawl....

It's Peacock Feathers by Dorothy Siemens the yarn is one I spun myself, from Amanda Hannaford's  Esturay Dye way in BFL/Silk plied with a  very fine mohair/merino single. (Cone of which kept about for the purpose).  But that's not where I'm behind.

IMAG0294I also have a pair of socks for DH, an Aran sweater for DH, a small hoodie for #3Nephew on the needles, and waistcoat for me.
Spinning-wise, I have Shetland on one wheel and Alpaca upon the other.  But that's not where I'm behind.

It's my loom.  I made the mistake I always make.  I hadn't take into account my disability before estimating how long it was going to take me to complete the fabric that is on my loom, and replace with the fabric I wanted to have finished by this weekend!  I have slipped back into ignoring my disability! I tend to ignore my physical inability to complete tasks in the time span the able-bodied are able to, and then I get really frustrated when it doesn't work!  So. I have decided to forgive myself.  (Very generous I thought, and kind.  Very kind.) So hopefully, soon, I shall manage to finish the bits I need to, but it will wait until I can and that, (now) is quite alright.


Jacqui Galloway said…
You should always forgive yourself.... beautiful work!
Jacqui x