Wonderwool Wales

I am sure others have posted lots of pictures of the actual Festival, I'm terrible at remembering these things, and awful at taking pictures in a crowd.  Must do better! 
I have however, remembered to take pictures of what I managed to bring home with me....
  Suffice to say, it was buzzing with lots of happy people clutching quantities of fibre to themselves and muttering over their handbags snatches such as who has pencil rovings? and where are Oliver Twist? And apparently it was really quiet compared to the Saturday when apparently it was really heaving!

There were lots of things to see and do (according to DH they seemed to revolve around the ice-cream and scotch egg stands, with a quick stop at the artisan cakes!), including workshops and demonstrations, exhibitions and stuff to buy.  It was for the shopping I had come.  And to catch up with friends old and new.
Now, in the photo, there is a quantity of BFL/Silk, the peacock shades from Amanda Hannaford, and the greens and reds from Freyalyn, there is also sock yarn and a hank of Teeswater from Denise at Willo Fibres and to top it all off, there are my Mulberry Dyer purchases, a fantastic kit of silk and bone needles to make a Gunnister style kit with, and a hank of Madder dyed camel and silk lace yarn that needed to come home with me.  And thank you to the Mulberry Dyer once again.  Afternoon tea was excellent and I rushed out and bought a box of Earl Grey as soon as I got home!
Finally, was my latest purchase from Ian at IST.  A beautifully small, but perfectly formed Turkish spindle.  Not the smallest Ian makes, but just right.  It's in Bog oak and has been weighted in addition.  It spins like a dream
(Sorry about the size of the pictures, Flickr is having a sulk!)


Jacqui Galloway said…
Sounds like you had a good time.
Loved the spindle.