Just before Wonderwool...

I finally got brave and rifled out the 2m of blue turquoise needle cord I had bought from Cloth Kits a month or so ago.  (Please note gentle readers, only a month or so.  It did not disappear into my stash!).  I also hunted out the Merchant and Mills pattern that #1Son had given me for Mothers Day (he really is such a nice chap).  It was a trapeze dress and therefore just my favourite outline (it hides bits flatters most shapes). So. Really clear instructions, lovely, well laid out and easy to sort pattern, 4 pieces.  Not a problem, this will be fun.
IMAG0615Well, it was fun, but fiddly. Being the veteran of several waistcoats and fully lined bodices I didn't panic too much, and at the point where it appeared to disappear inside out, whilst I attached the armholes to the bodice I did put it down, have a coffee and sleep upon it.  The next morning, it all came together much more easily.
I am very pleased with the result.  Will I make again with using one of the 2 other sleeve options?  More than likely.  Probably with my own cloth. This is the first Merchant and Mills pattern I have tried and upon the strength on this is will be going back for more.  I really do like several of their dress designs and the patterns themselves are very generously cut.  The only thing I would do differently is because I stoop.  And if I'm not careful, my clothes tend to finish up about my ears. So in addition to catching the lining inside at the bottom edge, I shall in addition, over stitch about the neck and sleeves, just to ensure everything stays put.

IMAG0518 This also happens to match perfectly with the Empire Cardi I had spun and knitted a couple of months ago.  Anyone would think I had done it on purpose....