Wimbledon is nearly here.

IMAG0725I've been busy.   No, honestly. For some reason I can't work out, this year's tennis season (for me, that is Roland Garos, Queens, Eastbourne and Wimbledon) has not heralded the need to c/o a new garment to be finished before the last service of the Men's Doubles at W1. In actual fact, I didn't knit at all through the French Open or Queens, which is very odd. Instead, I've been spinning, (a lot).  And sewing, (not as much). I have also been weaving...

IMAG0730I have been spinning a commission for a friend of 700gsm of Freyalyn's Hai Foss, and am now on to bobbin 4 of 4. This, whilst spinning itself, pretty much, has to be concentrated upon as Sigrid deserves perfection.  It is also the year of the alpaca, so a great trug of topped white alpaca has been sitting next to my chair in front of the telly to give my fingers something to do whilst watching Murray loose to Nadal. There has also been alpaca on my Saxony wheel, which will be yarn for a winter dress. And then there is the Turkish Spindle, for more portable spinning.

IMAG0721I am also 3/4 through a vintage Cloth Kits summer dress that I could really do with, and all was ticking along nicely, then my asthma kicked in and my plans for this week (finish dress, weave last metre of Woolsey Linsey etc) were pretty much kicked out. Back to slow, gentle & without having to think for a couple of days. So more spinning really... shame that.