I, have been Plotting.

IMAG0773IMAG0769Whilst Spinning of course.  And as there has been a lot of tennis, there has been a lot of spinning!  To begin with I have finished the 700gms of Freyalyns Hai Foss for my friend Siggy (left!).  It pretty much spun itself, and whilst the spinning took some time, the plying really didn't for some reason.  It was popped in the post today and I have my fingers crossed that she likes it, but it is Shetland/Silk rovings dyed by Freyalyn and spun by me, what's not to like?  Now whilst spinning this I happened to mention that I was pretty greened out and got challenged.  The reason is this.  Just before I started Siggys 700gms of Hai Foss I had spun 200gms of Hai Foss for me to be plyed with some of the Fernhill Farm Shetland I had, for my knitted dress (right!). This by the way has turned out as a really squooshy Light DK. Ah well, more of the grey to spin and then we shall see. (BTW, a little bird told me that they were shearing the Shetlands up at the farm this week just gone).
IMAG0759IMAG0732IMAG0764So I had plenty of time to plot and come to the conclusion and that actually I really needed a little more colour in my life. The bit in the middle is Freyalyn's Little Heart on Oatmeal BFL and Silk.  The plait about the outside is from Lime Green Jelly and is also BFL.  This has/is being spindle spun in front of the tennis and I hope to finish the singles by the end of the Men's Final.  I considered Navajo plying it all, but after careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that I would lose too much length, so I had a pootle about the workshop and found these.  They are a collection of mini bumps (so cute!) from World of Wool that I popped in the basket whilst buying other things. Now, there is a reason I love these little test packs of natural colours, they are just right for a dark to light warp. (The grey in the foreground is grey Corriedale pencil rovings)and they all spun up like this.  Twice.  I haven't as yet plyed the Colours with it, but will do so the beginning of next week.  In the meanwhile I shall continue plotting whilst spinning.  And then there is the whole Tour de Fleece thing which I haven't tried before but have decided to do this year, as I have the rest of the Shetland to spin and the rest of the everlasting white alpaca - which will be dyed once plyed I feel.  And I also have 3 fantastic, fabulous, and all round finest-kind BFL x Shetland to get to grips with, but more of those later!