IMAG0782Life has been steady but productive here in Somerset, despite the heat. 

All the fleeces are washed, dried and sorted ready for picking and carding, My Shetland/silk yarn  is coming long slowly, and I have begun to knit again and am finally making headway with the socks and sweater for DH.  He is a big chap and whilst I didn't expect them to grow overnight, actually knitting them helps!  The first lot of Linsey Woolsey is off the loom and actually looks far nicer in real life than in photo form.  Because the linen I used was blue the whole fabric has turned out a deep navy that didn't feel like showing up on camera. 
The alpaca is now dry, fluffy and cuddly and will very soon (as soon as there is an opportunity!) find itself on the rigid heddle. 

IMAG0841But for now, as my Pfaff has returned from it's sojourn at the Pfaff Factory, the mending pile has to come first.  It has just about taken over the workshop and has moved from sometime to NOW! in urgency.  So I have had to pack the fun away and concentrate on the boring stuff. 

I have however made a good start to the latest piece on my loom, some more Linsey Woolsey but in greens.  This is moving on very quickly and I'm very pleased with the way it's turning out. Again it's a woollen warp with a 75/25 linen/silk weft.  It is so pretty and a shame the colour won't play.  It must be something to do with the linen.

Back later, need to go apply patches a large pile of jeans!


All looking very lovely. WE must try and get a chat in this week.
thelma said…
What a beautiful set of photos, the colours of the wools are so inspiring. Love them....