And Tuesday is Parcel Day!


IMAG0973They arrived!  And so quickly too.  The proceeds of the last dress alteration/sale.  2 Patterns and 3 metres of Cotton Chambray. So beautifully parcelled, my heart did a little fillip when I undid the bow.  The Chambray is for the trouser pattern.  I really wear trousers, but I saw a design the other day that didn't have a waistband but a very deep welt of ribbed cotton instead, and it go me thinking, by using this pattern and replacing the waistband with ribbing I could potentially wear trousers.....  yay!  So this is to have a go.  What will be made first though will the Top 64.  And that will be because I'm in the process of weaving the cloth to make a couple!

IMAG0976It's a Llama warp and at the moment a hand spun baby camel and silk weft, although the second half will be woven with a hand spun alpaca weft so that I can make 2!  Yay! I'm so organised me...  worry not, normal service will resumed very quickly!

The flick carding was postponed as DS had flu, what can I say? Get better soon Son.... There is always tomorrow.