And the biggest advantage of having a work shop is....

IMAG1010When you are obliged to leave half way through a task, it's not the end of the world if you don't come back to it immediately!

Which was just as well this afternoon when the phone rang and took up sewing time.  Hopefully tomorrow, I shall be able to show you what I have been working on.


In the meanwhile, I'll point out my dressmakers dummy.  Who's been adjust to my shape.  I wandered down to out local horse bits emporium and picked up 2 sets of reusable bandages and the appropriate wadding.  I then took it in two stages from this, via this, to the version above.  I went over myself with my tape measure about 6 times.  In addition to bust, waist and hips. I then added bust split into to two, front and back.(This way if you have a narrow back it makes it easier to adjust the garment to size).  The same with the hip measurement.  But also I took the length of torso and where the fullest part of the bust occurs as this makes a huge difference as to where the bust darts go!  For some reason the busts on the original body were a sight more pert than was strictly kind, and the belly completely flat (that like is real!). The reason I used the self sticky bandage and padding, is that if like me your shape fluctuates it is very easy to adjust and also still takes pins.  More tomorrow, now for knitting and Strictly!