And two in one day!

I really have been busy to day (probably to make up for the inactivity of the last couple I suspect!)

IMAG1002 We started off with breakfast out at the knit and natter venue (the Local Brewers Faire) so that the Boys could have a fry up whilst I nipped round the corner into the other bit and chatted (ok, squeaked!) with the ladies of Yarning in Bridgy. After earning the enmity of a random small child, probably for eternity.*

IMAG0996 We felt as it was raining. A lot, we would give the outdoor Glastonbury Wool Faire a miss and tootle over to Lytes Cary for lunch (yummy), a mooch about the craft faire (very interesting, I bought a basket), and a look about the House and Gardens (really excellent, the Sun came out!)

* First I stepped backward and stood on her as the Little Dear tried to slide behind me without saying excuse me, whilst sock shod on her way back from ball pit.  Then, we collided in a second doorway, I stopped short and my croissant continued to slide from my plate and sort of landed at her feet.  And I really won't go into the whole latte/froth/overfilled by the machine/turning to find her far too close again thing.  Best to pull a veil I think.