It's no good, I will have to come clean

IMAG1039I, am an intermittent blogger!  There.  I said it.  I try to keep up to date, no really, I do.  It's just that I'm pants at it. Wow! I feel better for that!
I shall however, try to keep up with what has been happening here at Yarnspider.  Some of it is mildly interesting, so here we are. 

IMAG1040Firstly, this is George, and I love him. He sort of fell out of Ebay-land a few weeks ago. When he arrived, we discovered that he was in a bit of a state. Whilst the wheel itself was sound, the flyer and the 'bobbin' (yes singular!) were too far gone to save. The same went for the leather bearings.  After careful consideration and discussion with several spinning friends (thank you Anita and Carol!) It was decided it would be easier to replace them in entirety.  So I measured up and purchased an Ashford Double drive High speed Flyer and 4 bobbins (from P & M Wool Craft). With his new Kit George spins beautifully.  Although, I really do prefer my big Scandinavian wheel, George sits in the corner and is available when I want him, what more could a girl ask?

IMAG1029In other things, all the purple Camel/Silk has been woven.  It is purple, honest!  Actually, it's all different shades of lavenders and purples and looks lovely.  Should be warm too which is part of the aim with this length of cloth! The Alpaca yumminess is all ready to be wound and to become the next metre and a half or so and then the rest will be fairly plain, using up some oatmeal lambs wool and silk I found in the stash! The warp is camel, so once finished I should have sufficient for not one but 2 No 64 tops from Merchant and Mills.  I wanted something with pockets to drop over my dresses and skirts for the coming winter.

IMAG1037I have been spinning, the rainbows are coming along nicely and whilst stash diving for something completely different I came across some reeled silk.  And I had 2 bobbins of alpaca sitting patiently, waiting to be plyed.... I suspect they may well end up on the loom as a weft sometime in the next 6 months!  I stumbled over some duck egg blue cashmere which would really work with it!
IMAG1036Romney Fleece - Jen & Andy 2 The wheels are being cleared as I am hoping to start some serious spinning for friends of ours in November.  In the meanwhile, I shall leave you with a little treat.

On other matters, the Margaret Beaufort Sweater is coming on a treat, as are some kilt hose (only a couple of weeks late for their prospective owner at this rate!).  My dress is cut out and coming together rather nicely.  I am taking pictures as I go so it should even get an entry of it's own!


Bigsock said…
can't wait to see your tops!
ambermog said…
Will George's new parts be getting a paint job to be more in keeping with him? Love the work in progress :)
Sarah Dewfall said…
Sadly, I can't give George the sand down and paint job that he needs, as my lungs won't allow it. Hopefully, next Summer I should be able to get someone to do it for me. In the meanwhile, the bobbins and the flyer have actually had 3 layers of wax! not that you would know...