Before it is far too late to wish you all a fabulous New Year....


I am stuck in the house.  No going off to my workshop and not a lot of energy to do any of the things that I want to whilst stuck here.  Humph!  Totally fed up with my ability to catch virus after virus after infection, this is not the best winter I have had in while, but it is seeming to be one of the longest.  I will own up to being fed up with sinus infections and lungs like cardboard, and various other items that turned up just before Christmas that are to be frank, unpleasant and therefore not worth rehearsing here. In short, I am tired of this particular winter and have had better.  I am about three months behind on everything in my life and that includes the making of my own clothes. (Like that is ending well!).
As a consequence, I haven't blogged, as I firmly believe if you cant say something constructive or positive, leave it out.  In this case that includes December and January.  I shall be back once I can bring myself to be positive, but in the meanwhile, I shall continue to count it a triumph if I manage coffee out and not catch bronchitis in the process.
Normal service will return when I can find an alternative to Lemsip that won't interfere with the 16* different medications I already take daily.

Once again, Happy New Year.

* this is not an exaggeration, this is an accurate count as of this morning. I will also point out, this are ALL PRESCRIBED by qualified medical practitioners, and don't even begin to include those that I am given in emergencies.


Hugs and love, as ever. You'll get there...