Button holes

This is a note to me, so please feel free to totally ignore.

In the last week I have knitted not 1, but 2 lots of button holes and to be honest I've been very disappointed in the way that they turned out.  So the last lot got tinked and I started over. after great thought I came up with the following.  A buttonhole that doesn't need tidying.

Row 1 :
k to st before buttonhole. (SSK, K2tog)  Continue and repeat evenly spaced.

Row 2:
P to first decrease. (P1,K1 into st, wrap 2, K 1,P1) Continue and repeat at every buttonhole.

Row 3:

K to st before double wrap. K first wrap into st. K second wrap into next st. Continue and repeat at every double wrap.

Ta Da!

Thank you very much.....