Dresses and Margaret Beaufort.

IMAG0107IMAG0106To begin, is an odd kimono/beach thingy that my Mother in Law was kind enough to give me.  Now whilst I am the first to admit that I am of generous proportions, the idea of wearing tent didn't really appeal.  So I popped it on Mavis and had a think.  Several weeks later my cogitations came to fruition and went like this. First; I reshaped the neck. and cut out and shaped the arm holes. Then; I rolled the hem on the  neck and armholes and top stitched with a decorative embroidery stitch. (I do like my Pfaff).  Finally; I cut patch pockets from the fabric cut out of the new arm holes inverted it and sewed elastic to the top seam.  I then lined the seam (the old shoulder seam) with the side seam and sewed them on as patch pockets, allowing the elastic to gather and smooth the line of the dress without loosing the fullness of the skirt.

And voila! A flattering summer dress.


Secondly, after a great deal of procrastination, I finally knitted the button bands on to the Magaret Beaufort design by Alice Starmore.  After which, it was just a case of buttons and here we are.  I'm finding that with the changeable weather, I'm wearing it far more than I thought I would in July!


Excellent idea for the summer dress. And you can layer it underneath and wear it in colder weather too.

That Margaret B is very smart.
Sarah Dewfall said…
Thank you Sweet. I'm rather pleased with both to be honest.