Little Victories

It really has been a couple of weeks, the pollen count is up and my lungs have decided that filling up with snot is the way to go.  Which has slowed me up even more than usual!  So it has been a week of little victories and slow pottering.

I finally got around to washing some yarn that I finished a couple of months or so ago.  It's 300gms of Black BFL (Freyalyn's Iris) and 200gm of John Arbons Polworth.  I love the sublety of colour and sheen on it and so warm and snuggy.

After being in charge when the kettle stopped working, the spin dryer blew the fuses throughout the house, and several other minor catastrophes, the boys informed me that I was to do NOTHING involving electricity, or sharp objects for a couple of days....

So I have been spinning.  I'm now on the 3rd colour of the most fabulous BFL/Shetland fleece from Fernhill Farm.
Islmost spins itself.  But as I am spinning it all worsted it's taking a wee bit more concentration than usual.  Also, it is to be used as a warp so it has all to be consistant and fine.... It helps when the quality is this good though.

A visit to the Lung clinic yesterday was useful, and I now have yet more medication on it's way.  If it works it will be a step forward...

Due to the medication... I'm in the enviable position of having to replace me entire wardrobe due to the summers additional steroids have put me 
up an additional 3 dress sizes and none of my clothes fit! But this is good!  This means I get to make myself lots of new clothes.... (Small Victories!)

I've even been able to start knitting the Layette for my brother and his wife....  It's handspun Merino D'Arles from John Arbon fabulous stuff so light and bouncy and a totally brainless knit!  It's the Stonington Shawl from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop and I really can't work out why I haven't cast this on before!

Oh well ever onward.