Two in one Month!


Yesterday was our 25th Wedding Anniversary.  And it came as a bit of a surprise to be honest.  Not that we have managed 25 years (as people have been congratulating us both on doing), but that it has been 25 years!  To me, it really doesn't feel that long at all, day to day, it's been an adventure and on the whole I think I shall be looking forward to the next bit.

I managed to catch a cold from somewhere about 3 weeks ago and have been officially uninterested in most things for the last couple of weeks. Finally, I'm managing to get over it helped by lots of prescription meds and rest and this morning the newest one arrived which seems to be really quite effective!  And about time.

IMAG0158IMAG0159Just before I went splat, I managed to cut out some patterns for a winter wardrobe (in time this year!) so I shall slowly piece and sew those in the next week or so and make an effort to get back on my feet. Again. And hopefully I shall be back to spinning and weaving in the next week or so, but slowly, very slowly......  I the meanwhile, a lot of feet up with knitting is being done. (It's a shame, the camera on my phone is quite useless.  It's leached all the colour from the fabulous clotted creamy Merino D'Arles from John Arbon)