Wading through custard is a great start to the New Year!

With my lungs being the way they are and the meds I'm on, life for me is like running on custard.  With the new meds I was put on and the steroids I am still on, I was whizzing about (well from where I'm looking it felt like whizzing.  If asked, I suspect Darling Son would say more like a tortoise on tranquilizers).  I was achieving stuff for the first time in months.  Ok, so close to 18 months. And then I caught my Dear Husbands cold. and suddenly I'm not longer running over custard, I stopped to look at something and suddenly I'm wading through it!  Bugger.  

Sunday marked the first paramedic visit of the year, and very nearly the first hospital visit, (thank you Dean (Wingnut) and Sarah, you were brilliant). I am now stuck in the warm, on even more steroids and bored stiff.

I had managed to clear both my wheels before Christmas, and make my party outfit.  My workshop is all swept and ready for the next tasks.  Cloth is cut and waiting at my sewing station, and fabulous Shetland/BFL is carded and ready next to my wheel.  And there they will have to stay until at least next Monday.  I'm still wading through custard and it's just too much.  The same can be said for my loom which is warped and ready to weave!  

Knitting and or spinning on the house wheel is ok in very short bursts, but not in bursts long enough to satisfy. However, it will just have to suffice until I can manage more!

So Happy New Year to all, and may the best of your past be the worst of your future.  I shall be the grumpy one in the corner, with my grey sulky cloud hovering overhead.....


Birka Gefion said…
And you still look good with it. You are a toughie. Don't let those airbags pull you down. Slow is the new professional approach. xxx