And I missed February Completely!

Well it has been a busy 2 months whilst at the same time doing very little.  

I have been finally diagnosed as having Cushings Syndrome (the is in addition to the Brittle Asthma, COPD, Bronchiectasis and Oesophagitus) and the third one of the ever growing list that comes with a "oh PS, this might kill you" tag.  The bottom line is I shall be on oral steroids of one level or another permanently.  The trick is to get them down to a level that they mimic my bodies own levels....  This would be fairly easy, if I didn't keep having bouts of Brittle Asthma that lead to the dose being suddenly increased 4 fold. And then I'm left to drop it back down over the course of the next 6 - 12 months or so, whilst avoiding another ambulance/bout of asthma that hikes it back up.  I haven't succeeded particularly well this year so far... On the other hand, it does explain the stroke like episodes I keep having, and the lesions on brain scan last December.

So, I am still busy doing very little. Some knitting is going on. But I keep misinterpreting the patterns and having to rip it back... same goes for the sewing.  As for spinning? It is progressing very slowly, hampered by being unable to go out into the cold/being too tired (and therefore reach my favourite wheel!) and being stuck with my Suzy. (A good wheel, please don't get me wrong, but not the one I want to spin on at the moment.)

And whilst all this is going on, the house is back on the market, hopefully to be sold before the Oilseed Rape pollen season starts again round here so that we can move to the seaside and I can avoid another ambulance. 

As I said, busy doing nothing.  As for the lack of positivity?  I blame it on the Steroids!