Forward progress

For once, I appear to be moving forward.

Well, I've managed to complete a couple of things and others are being worked on, so I've decided to count that.

IMAG0401 First and most importantly, my nephew's sweater has finally gone to it's owner.  This took far longer than it should have for several reasons.  Firstly, and most importantly, I couldn't get the catch of the cable pattern.  For those who knit cables regularly, I'm sure you would agree, after a repeat or two usually, you don't need the whole row by row thing.  It's predictable, you can see where they are going and it's easy to get them there.  Not with this. I need the graph to the end, and it was frogged at least 4 times.  (And those are the 2 inch at a time jobs, a couple of rows weren't even noteworthy).
Secondly, and as importantly I feel, the colour.  It wasn't until I was halfway through knitting this that I realized, I really disliked the colour palette.  It made me wonder whether this had anything to do with my lack of enthusiasm to finish it?  I've come to the conclusion that it did and that is something I shall have to bear in mind in the future. Stuff moves along a lot faster if you like what you are looking at!  Bit of a Mantra for life I suspect.

My batts are beginning to move forward as well, only another 15 or so to go and then they will be popped away in the queue for spinning.  

Spinning is also moving forward, lots of Natural Shetland/BFL is being spun as is baby camel and silk in golds and yellows.  Both for weaving projects.  My weaving is sort of staying still.  But that is because it takes a bit too much energy and until I manage to drop the steroids a bit more, that's still pretty thin on the ground.

And the steroids won't be dropped for a while, the Oil seed rape is in full flower together with pollution levels raising their ugly heads, and we all know what happened last year....