It's been a long time

Well, it's been along time since I posted last.  In the interim, many things have happened.  I've moved house and also we have lost Moppet dog, so huge changes all round really.

We are finally settling by the sea side and whilst we knew it would have an impact on my health, we none of us anticipated quite what an enormous one it would be. As long as I stay within 100 metres of the shore I can breath really easily (for me!).  I still have bad patches, but they are bad patches not call an ambulance episodes, so as far as we are concerned they are a walk in the park!  Colds still land me on my backside, but it's on my backside, not in bed. Fingers, and everything else crossed that this will continue. In the meanwhile, I'm just content that I appear to be heading in the right direction for the first time in years. 

Fibre had been put on the hold whilst we moved and I am beginning the slow and tortuous task of trying to get my spinning and knitting organised. I haven't even started on my weaving yet! But it is slowly coming together.  


Such good news about your health.
Shiela Dixon said…
It's good to see a post again and what Freyalyn said, pleased about the improvement. I'm mighty jealous that you're close the coast. Best wishes x